Refund Policy


Every student that enrolls into our courses gets a “182 Day Guarantee”. 

This guarantee states that if you sign up & enroll into one of our courses, watch every single video, do every assignment, and don’t see any results within 6 months, we will issue a complete refund.

Here are the requirements to be eligible for a refund.

  1. Spend a minimum of 1 hour per day, or 7 hours per week implementing what you learn. (Example: creating food plan, training, fasting, or in a calorie deficit) – There is simply no way around the work. This only works if you do. You have to create the habit of seeing project through until the very end. Start by taking daily action on what you learn inside the course. This dedication is what will dictate your success. You might miss a few days here & there, but if you don’t put in the required work, you won’t see results & you won’t be eligible for a refund.
  2. Complete the entire course, beginning to end – Whenever a refund is requested, we are going to check to see if you have completed the course & the included assignments. (It should take about 90 days to complete the entire course). If you haven’t completed to course or the assignments, you will not be eligible for the guarantee.
  3. Contact us within 6 months – If you have completed the course, implemented the what you learned & completed all the assignments, but still don’t see any results or find your course valuable, contact us within the 182 day time span from your enrollment date & we will provide an immediate refund.


Here is when the guarantee DOES NOT apply:

  1. You enroll, never complete the course, and email us within 6 months asking for a refund.
  2. You enroll, do none of the assignments, and email us asking for a refund.
  3. You enroll, watch some of the videos, decide it is too hard, and quit.